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KAAL ABC 6 News: January 28, 2016
Local nonprofits are benefiting from a week of fundraising.

It’s the 14th annual Rochester Winterfest. Thursday was the kickoff to this year’s fundraiser.

“Winterfest is a great way for so many nonprofits to come together. It’s a great way for all of us to come together and highlight what we do as a nonprofit organization,” says executive director of Channel One Food Bank Jennifer Woodford.

Woodford says this is their fourth year participating. She says it’s a good way to stock up the food shelves after the holidays.

“If we had 9,000 boxes, we would get to a mile of mac and cheese and that would go a long way toward filling the empty food shelves,” said Woodford.

The Rochester Senior Center also benefited from the Stevie Rays Comedy Troupe.

“This is the first year we are having this act so if you’ve ever heard Whose Line is it Anyway they’re a lot like that. They keep it high energy and they pull from the audience,” says administrative assistant Kylie Goenner.

Goenner says Winterfest is a big supporter for the organization. She says a silent auction will help provide additional funds for the new Rochester Senior Center.

“It benefits our programming that we have here and also we have silent auction baskets and that will benefit our capital campaign, so our new center,” said Goenner.

Channel One Food Bank will also be collecting Mac And Cheese at all four Rochester Hy-Vee locations this weekend.

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